That crazy chair (Kentucky chair)

This post shows a chair I made from pine for a friend of mine a few years ago. I found the plans for it on the Internet and it looked interesting so I decided to make one just for fun. The original site where I found the plans doesn’t exist any more but the plans can be downloaded from using this link – notice that they actually used my original photo seen below in the pdf-file. 😀

That crazy chair (Kentucky chair)
That crazy chair (Kentucky chair)
That crazy chair (Kentucky chair) side view
That crazy chair (Kentucky chair) seen from the side

As seen in the photos I detoured from the original plans. I stead of using a wire I ended up using 6 millimeter threaded rods for assembly because I couldn’t find a good way of locking the wire. The result is that my chair isn’t capable of being folded as the original was.

Despite the odd appearance it’s actually rather comfortable (you wouldn’t believe that at first glance).

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