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Small bookshelf

Small tilted bookshelf

I created this small bookshelf for my sister. It is made from 16 millimeter pine and is tilted 10 degrees to the left to keep the books from falling over when the shelf is only half full.

The big end is made with an owl relief carved by my ShapeOko 2 using a 5 millimeter end cutter for roughing and a 2 millimeter rounded cutter for the details.

Small bookshelf - image 1

Small bookshelf

Small bookshelf details – owl relief

Small bookshelf with books

Roll top bread box

Roll top bread box

I decided to design and make a bread box for our kitchen – with a roll top lid. Most of all just to try to make such a lid and to see if I could make it work.

I made it from 18mm pine and here is the result:

Roll top bread box

Roll top bread box

Roll top bread box - open

Roll top bread box – opened.

The drawing of all the pieces and the dxf-files for the larger pieces can be downloaded from my woodworking plans page. I apologize in advance for my poor drawing skills but I hope you’ll find it useful anyway. 🙂

All the big pieces were milled on my ShapeOko 2 using the dxf-files included above. The small pieces for the roll top were all created from a 18mm piece of pine. First I rounded both the upper and lower edge on one side of the wood using a router table. Then I cut the rounded strip off the rest of the wood (about 15mm wide) and used my plain to plain them down to 10mm thickness. Then repeat the process to make the next piece.

I tried to illustrate the process below:


Making the strips for the roll top lid from one piece of wood.

The groove in both ends needs to be as smooth as possible to make the roll top lid work nice and smoothly. I ended up gluing two strips of plastic onto the sides of the groove which works just fine.



Milling a drawer front

New drawer fronts

I decided to make new fronts for the drawers in my home office using my ShapeOko. This is my first real attempt to use v-bit carving for a larger piece. The finished drawer front is going to look something like this:

Drawer front with swirls.

Drawer front with swirls.

For this particular project I’ve used pine and a 60 degree v-bit. Here’s a video of the process:

And a photo of the finished product:

Finished drawer front.

Finished drawer front.

Now I just need four more to complete the drawers. 🙂

The finished project.