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Small tilted bookshelf with o
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Small bookshelf

Small tilted bookshelf I created this small bookshelf for my sister. It is made from 16 millimeter pine and is tilted 10 degrees to the…

Two muskoka chairs.
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Muskoka chairs

Muskoka chairs I’ve recently made a couple of Muskoka chairs from these Double Muskoka Chair plans that I have adapted to my likings. The result…

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Roll top bread box

Roll top bread box I decided to design and make a bread box for our kitchen – with a roll top lid. Most of all…

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A new cabinet door

If you missed my post about creating new drawer fronts please find it here. A matching cabinet door I’ve finished the drawer fronts and I…

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Milling a drawer front

New drawer fronts I decided to make new fronts for the drawers in my home office using my ShapeOko. This is my first real attempt…