ShapeOko 2 – Assembly – part 2

If you missed part 1 please find it here.

Tapping the MakerSlide V-rails

I’ve finished tapping the MakerSlide aluminum V-rails. Although I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to tapping anything, I’ve successfully managed to tap the V-rails for my ShapeOko 2. The tool provided by Inventables was not quite what I expected. The tap itself was fine but the handle wasn’t so easy to attach but I managed to get it done. After that it was a matter of working slowly and patiently especially when stating to tap a new hole.

I used WD40 for lubrication and for every turn forward I made one third of a turn backwards. After reaching the desired depth I used my fingers (no handle) to turn the tap out of the hole, cleaned it and lubricated it again and finally turned it all the way back in the hole and out again to clean up the thread. This way I tapped 18 holes in the MakerSlide V-rails and I’m now ready to continue assembling my ShapeOko 2. 🙂

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