Wooden clock – part 1

Why a wooden clock?

Well, that’s quite easy to answer: I was just curious to see if I was able to do it! At some point I stumbled across Brian Law’s homepage with drawings of wooden clocks and I couldn’t resist. So I decided to try to build clock number one from his homepage.

I was well aware that I might be forced to change the design as I went along but I was convinced that I would learn a lot in the process – and I did.


After having downloaded the drawings from Brian Laws homepage and printed them as A3, I decided to start by making some of the gears – as a proof of concept. After searching the Internet for ideas I decided to use my scroll saw to make the gears (I found a lot of other methods out there: band saw, table saw, router and even laser!). As seen in the photos I didn’t shape the tip of the teeth in the first place and concentrated on making the sides nice and even

Minolta DSCMinolta DSCMinolta DSC

After some experiments I found an easy way to make sure that the gears were a nice circle: I drilled a 1.5 mm hole in the center of the gear and attached it to the scroll saw as shown in the photo. Then I turned the gear sawing off the tip of the teeth one at the time thereby making my hole the center of the gear. This method worked nicely.

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