Rebuilding my ShapeOko 2 – part 3

If you missed part 2, please find it here.

Finishing the frame

Now I’ve finished the frame, mounted the z-axis gantry and rewired all the stepper motors. It starts to look like a ShapeOko again. 🙂

Z-axis gantry mounted.
Z-axis gantry mounted.

A first test run

My new GAUPS shield has an extra slot for a stepper motor driver which allows for running a dual y operation on separate stepper motor drivers. I didn’t really plan to change the setup I had (running two stepper motors on one driver) but since I’m rebuilding everything, I decided to take the opportunity to try using both drivers for dual y operation.

After connecting everything and switch some wires to make the stepper motors run in the correct direction, I was ready to give it a try:


In the video above I’m moving the machine 800 mm on the x-axis, 300 mm on the y-axis and 25 mm on the z-axis just to test that I actually have the working area I expected. 🙂

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