ShapeOko 2 tutorial – Dominion turntable – part 10

If you missed part 9, please find it here.

New design

While I was in the process of milling the last quarter of the Dominion turntable, my friend changed his mind about the layout. He realized that he needed one of the holes in the outer ring to be the double depth of the rest of them.

Fortunately, that was no problem since I wasn’t finished milling that quarter, so I changed the design and the g-code accordingly and started over. Here’s the new design:

Dominion turntable - new layout
Dominion turntable – new layout

EDIT: A new OpenSCAD file with this new design can be found at the Woodworking Plans page or here.

Part 11.

2 thoughts on “ShapeOko 2 tutorial – Dominion turntable – part 10

  1. Hello Henning

    Would you mind sharing the code as to how you made one of the holes on the outer ring deeper? I have tried to reproduce it in my OpenSCAD-file, but I only ended up changing the depth of all of the holes.

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